Object Oriented Programming

Misheck Marimbi


Announcement Published on: Wednesday November 06, 2019

Group Assignment

Organize yourselves into groups of 4-5 people and do the group Assignment i have uploaded target completion date 13/11/2019

Announcement Published on: Thursday October 31, 2019

HETT209 Assignment 2


Please submit assignment as a text document either Word or PDF Document .For question1 and Question 2 running code should be submitted(specify platform used e.g. net beans, eclipse or notepad), no marks will be awarded for non-running code.

Due Date 02/11/2019

Announcement Published on: Saturday October 12, 2019

Assignment 1

Check the assignent i uploaded on the platform deadline for submission is 16/10/2019 @18:00 , any submissions after that will not be accepted.

Assignment 1 Link:HETT209_Assigment_1.pdf

Manager(s) for HETT209 : Misheck Marimbi
Administrator for TSIME Online : Administrator
Phone : 18008
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