Leadership Dynamics

Alice Zinyemba

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Missing class test marks

The following people: Hodyera Anna Chiedza,  Chipuramura Raphael, Chinosengwa Edith have 1 class test mark missing.  Please bring both your papers for class test 1 and 2 to class tomorrow in class without fail.

group Task ( Rutendo Chishakwe and company)

"Analyse the positive and negative effects of organizational politics that a leader should be aware of." Research on organizational politics and prepare a presentation on power point.

Compulsory class test 2

There will be a compulsory class test 2 on Tuesday 16 April 2019 duri9ng class time.  The test will cover from where we left with class test 1 to where we are  to date.

class notes

I have uploaded class notes on topics covered.

group presntations

I have posted group presentation on leadership dynamics and my ppt presentation on Hersey and Blanchard

class test, lecturer notes and presentation

There will be a compulsory class test on 28 March There will also be a group presentation on 28th March. Topic: The Grid theory implies that the best leadership style is the team management style.  Make a critic of the effectiveness of team approach... Read more »

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