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Alice Zinyemba

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360DEGrEE ladership

Halo everybody.  I have posted the powerpoint presentation of the 360 Degrees leadership on Tsime. Go through the notes and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  Iam back on campus. Just check with secretary first.   Good luck with you... Read more »

Missing class test marks

The following people: Hodyera Anna Chiedza,  Chipuramura Raphael, Chinosengwa Edith have 1 class test mark missing.  Please bring both your papers for class test 1 and 2 to class tomorrow in class without fail.

group Task ( Rutendo Chishakwe and company)

"Analyse the positive and negative effects of organizational politics that a leader should be aware of." Research on organizational politics and prepare a presentation on power point.

Compulsory class test 2

There will be a compulsory class test 2 on Tuesday 16 April 2019 duri9ng class time.  The test will cover from where we left with class test 1 to where we are  to date.

class notes

I have uploaded class notes on topics covered.

group presntations

I have posted group presentation on leadership dynamics and my ppt presentation on Hersey and Blanchard

class test, lecturer notes and presentation

There will be a compulsory class test on 28 March There will also be a group presentation on 28th March. Topic: The Grid theory implies that the best leadership style is the team management style.  Make a critic of the effectiveness of team approach... Read more »

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