Migration and Governance

Rosemary Jaji

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Coursework Marks

Please note that if the wrong mark was entered, it will ONLY be corrected if you produce the essay(s). Strictly NO negotiation on this. The Internet at the university is slow so I can only enter the correct marks at home in which case I ask you to de... Read more »

Group Assignment

Please note that the second assignment is a group assignment. Mr Jani will organise the groups and everyone should participate in the group that they are assigned to. Names of all group members who participate should be listed on the cover page of th... Read more »

Consultation time

Consultation time is Friday 11am-1pm in office 116. Please note that even if I am in the office outside this time, I will not be available for consultation. I also do not do consultation outside the office.


Lectures commence on Thursday 7 March 2019. See the notice pasted on the door of Office 116 Sociology Department for lecture and tutorial slots. The venue which is Faculty of Education Lecture Room 4.

Course Outline and Tutorial Readings

Download the course outline and tutorial readings from this platform.

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