Health services administration

Mervis Chiware

Course description


The course offers a theoretical and practical analysis of the public health policy and system in Zimbabwe and beyond. It is concerned with the strategic planning and implementation of health services and the processes that take place therein. The major issues in the discourse revolve around health policy formulation, design, planning, implementation, budgeting, health information systems and human resources, communication and health sector reform. It is designed for Public Administration, Political Science and Social Science students. The course equips students with research knowledge and skills to contribute to the governance and management of health systems, and towards the health system reform agenda.

Qualifications and Goals


  • to discuss theoretical and conceptual issues on health policy, system, and governance;


  • to discuss theoretical and conceptual issues on health system reform, and the Sustainable Development Agenda on Health;



  • to analyse the health policy, system, and governance in Zimbabwe, Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond; and


  • to explore health system reform strategies in Zimbabwe in the context of the Zim Asset, and Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond in the Sustainable Development Agenda on Health.

Course content

The course will provide discourse around issues in the following section.


  1. Health Policy and System - Theoretical Perspectives on Health Policy and Practice
  • Social democratic theory
  • New right perspective
  • Marxist perspective
  • Feminism - liberal, social and  radical
  • Anti racist       perspective
  • Welfare pluralism


  1. Health Systems Model
  • Health System Building Blocks WHO framework
  • World Bank Control Knobs


  1.  Health and Society
  • Sector Wide Approach in Health (SWAps)
  • Community Oriented Primary Health Care
  • Health Seeking Behaviour Models


  1. . Health Services Research and information systems
  • Research Utilization in health
  • Health Research Ethics
  • Health Information Management


  1. . Health Policy and System in Zimbabwe
  • Historical Background
  • Health policy context in Zimbabwe
  • Health governance and management in the context of Zimbabwe   


  1.  The Health System Reform Agenda
  • Models and the Reform Cycle
  • Health system reform in Zimbabwe, Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond
  • Health system appraisal and human resource for health reform



  1. Human Resource for Health Reform
  • The Global Agenda and Action on Human Resource for Health Reform
  • Theoretical and conceptual issues in Human Resource for Health Reform
  • Human Resources for Health Reform in Zimbabwe, Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond
  • Occupational Health and Safety in the public sector


  1. .  HIV/AIDS
  • The global policy response to HIV/AIDS-Case studies
  • National HIV/AIDS policy framework and context in Zimbabwe
  • Community engagement and capacity building strategies in the fight against HIV/AIDS-Case studies and documentaries



Methods of evaluation

The course will be delivered through weekly lectures and tutorials. The content will continually be reviewed through research and consultation of other scholars. Apart from lecturers and tutorials, students will be encouraged to form study groups through which they may engage in research, discussion and knowledge sharing. A database with soft academic material has been created and will continually be reviewed to equip students with the most up to date publications, to complement what is already available.


Student Assessment    

Students are required to attend lectures and tutorials. Course work will contribute 25% towards the final examination mark.

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