Advanced Chinese Reading

xiuli zhang

Course description


This panoramic course will train for reading skill.we will help students get the skill for guessing the word meaning,understanding the passage and so on. 

Qualifications and Goals

- According the radical to guess the word meaning

- Let students can read the passage quickly and get the main meaning

- Be familiar with the reading section for HSK3-4 exam

Course content

ith the use of audio and videodisks, written and typed materials, etc., the course contents include:

The skill for guessing the word

The skill for skimming

The skill for speed reading


Final Exam

Teaching-training activities

The class will lead students to read some articles and answer questions .


1) Zhou Xiaobing, Intermediate Chinese Reading Course(),Peking University Press, 2005.

2) Jiang liping, Standard course HSK 3,eijing Language and Culture University Press, 2014.

3) Zhou Xiaobing, Elementary Chinese Reading Course(2),Peking University Press, 2009.

4) Internet sources (Students are urged to make every effort to use the Internet, which is an invaluable source of up-to-date information on virtually any topic.  One merely has to access internet searches engines such as Baidu, Yahoo!, Google etc, and type in specific names/terms/phrases e.g. ‘Zhuge Liang’, ‘The Battle of the Red Cliff’, etc. Please ensure that Internet material used for assignments is scholarly in nature and drawn from credible and reliable sources such as US Library of Congress, WHO, UNESCO, FAO, CIA website, etc.)

5) Electronic (e-) resources accessible through the UZ Library.

Methods of evaluation

a) Reading article

b) Assignments (short answer/written essays)

c) Tests (short answer/multiple choice)


Criteria for evaluation of written assignment

a) Pronunciation accuracy

b) Word meaning accuracy

c) Reading speed

d) Ability to understand articles

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