Object Oriented Programming

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Course Title

HETT209 Object Oriented Programming

Course Description

The course provides a solid foundation in problem solving using computers and programming techniques of object orientation.This course is an advannced programming course which assumes the students know the basics of programming.pre-requisite course(s) is programming 1.

Course Content

It covers: Objects overview and review, Creating class instances within constructors, Objects analysis: creating fields and properties, Inheritances and specialized classes, Base class and abstract classes, Events and exception, Providing services using interfaces, Polymorphism: using classes, interchangeably, Shared and static members, Overloading operators with Visual a visual OOP language, Serialization, Object oriented analysis, design and implementation using UML, The NET design guidelines

Course credits

Lecture hrs: 10 Practical hrs: 34 Tutorial hrs: 4  Individual Study hrs: 50 Assessment: 22  Notional Hours: 120 Credits: 12


Coursework:  Practical Assignment (2)   10%  Project   15%  Practical Test (2)   15%    Final Examination:    60%



Course content

Week 1 Introduction to OOP in Java Introduction to Java Control Statements Declare class members  (Assignment 1)

Week 2 OOP Design  Encapsulation  Implement Inheritance  Use IS-A and HAS-A Relationships   Use Polymorphism  Use Overriding and Overloading  Understand Casting

Week 3 Inheritance_2 Aggregation, Composition, and Inheritance

Week 4 Packages and Interfaces Implementing an Interface, Legal Return Types, Constructors and Instantiation, Statics , Interfaces

Week 5  OOP Design_2 Literals, Assignments, and Variables, Scope, Variable Initialization, Passing Variables into Methods, Create and Manipulate Strings, Manipulate Data Using the StringBuilder ,Class and Its Methods,  One-Dimensional Array, Multidimensional Arrays, ArrayLists ( Assignment 2)

Week 6 Exception Handling Error handling strategies: return values vs exceptions Basic Exception Handling try/catch/finally/throw Debugging

Week 7 and Week 8  Windows systems and Graphics Window systems/window managers -GUI toolkits Intro to Java Swing set. – Hello Swing, basic stuff (window Adaptor) -buttons, text input, etc -2D graphics (Test 1)

Week 9  Event –based programming   Motivation, multiple input sources. -Basic notions, events, event loop, handlers/callbacks -Event
models, Windows, X, Java UI component events (vs basic events) -Events in Java 2 (sources, listeners, handlers)-Getting source and data from event

Week 10 JDBC Driver, Connection, Statement, ResultSet , Connect to a Database Using the DriverManager Class  JDBC URL,  Submit Queries and Read Results from the Database 

Week 11 File Navigation and I/O
 Use streams to read from and write to files by using classes in the java.io package (test 2)

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