Course description

Qualifications and Goals

The aim of this course is to provide a broad overview of Information and Communication Technologies from both a theoretical and practical perspective. The fundamentals of information systems, software development, database design and networking as well as applications of these techniques to solve some real world problems are investigated during lectures and lab practical exercises.

Programming in Visual Basic .Net will be introduced and combined with database design. This will equip students with the requisite skills to design and develop software systems of varying complexity in order to provide ICT inspired solutions to challenges faced in the mining industry.

Course content

  1. Basic ICT concepts
  2. Introduction to Information Systems
  3. Types of software and software development processes.
  4. Introduction to Programming using VB.Net
  5. Communication Networks
  6. Internet – in some depth.
  7. ICT innovations (possible future developments),
  8. The practical use of computers in :
          • Mining geology,
          • Mine planning,
          • Mineral processing,
          • Production modelling,
          • Rock mechanics,
          • Operations research,
          • Financial analysis of mining ventures 

Methods of evaluation

  • 3 In-class tests
  • 2 Assignments (Presentations)
  • 3 Practical exercises
  • 3 hours exam paper - Answer 4 questions (25 marks each) out of 5.

Manager(s) for MIE218 : Hilary Mushonga
Administrator for TSIME Online : Administrator
Phone : 18008
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